Classes are on now on Instagram @cannabonsai_academy

Classes have been saved to Instagram TV

Let's all germinate our seeds at the same time and meet online every other week to discuss our progress. This is open to everyone but it will cater to beginners. IT'S FREE!!! Starts September 19th. Sign up below!! Think of it as cannabonsai coaching.

I will offer a 15-45 minute lesson on YouTube live every other week, I will make a class schedule with set times/dates and class lengths. I will answer questions and take a look at some of your plants and give feedback. 

Things you will need

-autoflower seed

-small grow light (nothing fancy, no tent or fan required)
- bonsai pot
- lava rocks
- perlite
- trimming shears

-  pH testing strips or pH pen
- pH up solution
- pH down solution
- 2' wire


-potting soil

You can find these items in my starter kit but you are in no way required to purchase them from me to participate.