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Past classes are on now on Instagram @cannabonsai_academy

Classes have been saved to Instagram TV

Current classes are on going on Youtube, I will work on all my plants on camera and explain what I am doing as I go. This is open to everyone but it will cater to beginners. IT'S FREE!!!

I will offer a 15-45 minute lesson on YouTube live every week every Wednesday. I will answer questions and take a look at some of your plants and give feedback through the discord. 

Things you will need

-autoflower seed

-small grow light (nothing fancy, no tent or fan required)
- bonsai pot
- lava rocks
- perlite
- trimming shears

-  pH testing strips or pH pen
- pH up solution
- pH down solution
- 2' wire


-potting soil

You can find these items in my STARTER KIT but you are in no way required to purchase them from me to participate.

Grow Together: Welcome
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