Bonsai Starter Kit + Druid Nutrients + E-Book

Bonsai Starter Kit + Druid Nutrients + E-Book

This is NOT for Cannabis. Do not grow any plant that your local government considers illigal.

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Bonsai Starter Kit

All the Just add soil and light (use discount code "cannabonsai" at

The starter kit includes all the items that I use to grow my Bonsai, this includes...


-E-book "Cannabonsai : A Beginners Guide"

-750ml Bonsai Pot

-2 x Bonsai Seeds

-Hydroton Clay and Perlite to place below the soil to allow proper drainage

-Wire and String to shape the plant in its growing phase

-Trimming/Defoliating Shears

-pH Balance Kit (pH indicator paper, pH up solution, pH down)


Druid Nutrients is an all-in-one, and full-cycle growth solution for all possible growing mediums. Our company focuses not only on the plant but also on sustainability.


Druid Nutrients is a universal fertiliser with a natural growth and bloom stimulator for all types of plants.

The formula consists of 90+ minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients extracted from sea salt, mine salt, seaweed and Amazonian humus.


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