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What is Cannabonsai?

Applying traditional bonsai techniques at varying degrees to a cannabis plant.

Traditional bonsai is done with perennial woody-stemmed tree or shrub species and are kept alive for decades. Cannabis is not a perennial, it is an annual that dies once it has completed its life cycle. Because of this some don't consider cannabonsai real bonsai. 

If grown indoors the cannabis life cycle can be extended in two ways. by keeping it in a vegetative light cycle or by leaving some of the buds on after harvest and re-vegetating it. 

Autoflower vs. PhotoPeriod cannabis

Photo Period seeds are what are considered "regular seeds". Photo period plants use the length of the day to know what phase(vegetative and flowering) of its growth to be in. This can be controlled if an indoor light is used. The plant can be tricked into staying in its vegetation stage to be kept alive longer.

Autoflower seeds do not use the length of the day to know when to which phase to be in. The plant will switch phases anywhere between week 3-6. They can also handle a 24hour light cycle.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds can come in both Autoflower and Photo period. The Seed vendor will label it as feminized and that guarantees that the plant will be female.

Why do you only grow Autoflower?

This is a personal choice, I find it easier because I can give it 24hours of light, this allows me to work on my plants at anytime. There are lots of people doing cannabonsai with photoperiod plants and their results look great. 

Can you grow Cannabonsai without a light?

Yes, but the techniques I use will have to be altered by someone who is experienced growing photo-period plants out doors.

My techniques are for Autoflower Cannabis strains specifically. 

Does keeping it small affect the Quality of the cannabis?

They are kept small but healthy so the THC/CBD content is determined by the genetics

How much do you get off each plant?

It varies on how much you trim off. The most I've gotten is 22 grams, the least 3 grams.

Is there a special cannabonsai seed?

No, any cannabis strain can have its growth stunted.

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