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Hello MephHeads!!!

Welcome to the first Mephisto Cannabonsai Grow-Along Competition! This unique grow-along, in collaboration with Manny's Cannabonsai, will challenge your growing and training skills to a whole new level. Canna-bonsai is using traditional bonsai training techniques on cannabis in order to create beautiful plant art. What could take 100’s of years in the bonsai world, can easily be achieved in the standard autoflower growth time. Share your creative techniques and stunning results with our community on Reddit and Discord for a chance to win awesome prizes.

How to Participate:

Entry Period:

  • The competition starts on June 1st and ends on October 1st. All participants must start their grow by July 10th to be eligible.

Entry Confirmation:

  • Submit a photo of your plant with a dated tag and your username to the entry submission thread to confirm participation.


  • Document your grow with pictures and/or a grow report. You must make at least three official posts: one at the start, one during the grow, and a final post at the end.

Submission Deadline:

  • All submissions must be completed by October 1st for final judging. 

Grow Requirements:

  • Use Mephisto Genetics seeds and follow the cannabonsai theme. Plants are to be be restricted to small size pots. Final container size should not be larger than 1 Gal of soil. Some form of traditional bonsai training must be incorporated (LST, Topping, Defolation, Root Manipulation, etc).  Document your grow with pictures and/or a grow report. Submit posts as per the timeline.

Categories for Judging:

  1. Best Cannabonsai Design:

    • Awarded to the most artistically designed cannabonsai. Judged on structure, creativity, and aesthetic appeal.

  2. Best Grow Report:

    • For the most detailed and informative grow report. Share your process, techniques, and any challenges faced and overcome.

  3. Best Use of Training Techniques:

    • Show us your innovative training methods. Judged on creativity and effectiveness of techniques used.


  • Prizes range from seed prize packs to custom Mephisto merch items. Final prizes will be announced at a later date. 

Rules and Guidelines:


  • Open to participants aged 21 and older who can be serviced by our regional stores. International participants are welcome but may not be eligible for prizes.


  • Failure to meet the documentation requirements or any form of harassment will result in disqualification. Ensure you comply with local laws.


  • Participants are responsible for their actions and must adhere to local laws. Organizers and sponsors are not liable for any damages or injuries.

Agreement to Terms:

  • By participating, you agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set forth by the competition organizers.

Tips for Success:

  • Check out Cannabonsai Manny on Instagram and Youtube for tutorials and techniques. 

  • Explore traditional bonsai for inspiration. 

  • Engage with the community and share your progress for feedback and support.

Let’s make this Cannabonsai Grow-Along a masterpiece! Get your seeds ready, and may the best grower win!

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